Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Look Inside Your eMarketing Health: Where Do YOU Rank on Google?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial in getting more visitors to your website and getting ahead of your competitors. You may have realized – after a while of getting almost no phone calls originating from your website – that first-page rankings are not as simple as they seem. Even if you have a great website, if it is at the bottom of search results, then it is losing you money. So what can you do about this?

FACT: Top-rank listings in search engine results are created by organic search traffic, not “pay per click” or paid-for ads. Website owners always seem to want an SEO “magic bullet” to increase their rankings, but the organic search traffic is what maintains certain websites at the top of the list.

In order to get on the first page, a lot of thought, research, and work must go into your SEO. One vital strategy for achieving this is to use specific keywords and revolve your website’s content around these keywords. Remember, your future clients are out there typing specific words into that search engine – those words should lead straight to your website!

FACT: SEO is constantly evolving. You’ll notice that when you type the same phrase into a search engine one week, and then again on a later week, the results are never the same. It is proactive marketing that always keeps your website ranking high.

The goal is to modify your SEO strategy to make sure your website always ranks high in search results. An extra step would be to have your SEO maintained by a professional who not only understands the changing nature of SEO, but also understands the ins and outs of the automotive industry. That way, he or she will know exactly what needs to be updated in order for the website to remain at a high level and attract customers.

It can take time to get on that first page, but when you do, the payoff is great – increased calls, new clients, and more income for your shop!

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