Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Management Success! Collision 20 Group

Management Success! Collision 20 Group Meets to Discuss Operational Issues and Best Practices 

From February 5 to 8, Kareem Abouzeid, owner of Knockout Collision Repair, and Dino DiGiulio, owner of Body Best Collision, hosted the Management Success! Collision 20 Group at Knockout Collision in Chico, California. Top collision shops from around the country gathered to discuss operational issues facing collision shop owners, as well as best practices for increasing profit potential. The meeting was moderated by Management Success! Senior Consultant, Wenceslao Severi.

During the four days, the group visited several area shops to evaluate operations and look for points of efficiency and improvement. They also toured a paint-training facility and a Ford dealership to become familiar with the equipment and procedures necessary to repair the new aluminum-body Ford F-150. To compare operations across industries, they even stopped by a successful local brewery that generates $2 million per day with only 50 employees.

At Knockout Collision Repair, the group analyzed the shop’s workflow, counter handling, and customer care. They went on to establish goals and purposes for the group and their own individual shops. Profit and loss studies were conducted for each shop present, and the group worked out plans to handle weaknesses. Along with covering leadership actions, the group discussed concepts for handling day-to-day stress.

According to Kareem, “The Collision 20 Group allows each shop owner to share in the strengths of other shop owners. We are able to get the best ideas from the group and apply them to our own individual shops. Seeing a shop in action brings so much more understanding than simply talking about issues and procedures.”

For more information on the Collision 20 Group, please contact Management Success!