Monday, February 8, 2016

Management Success launches a new Online Learning Program Exclusively for Shop Owners

Glendale, California, January 28, 2016; Management Success is pleased to announce a new innovative benefit for its members:  Visual Management Inspection (VMI), an online business analysis program designed to help shop owners increase their production and profitability.  

VMI enables shop owners who cannot attend one of the Management Success Interactive Weekend Workshops in person, to still have an expert analysis performed on their shop.  Like the workshop attendees, the online VMI attendees will receive customized solutions to their unique business needs.   

Bob Spitz, Snr VP Business Development,  stated, “Demand continues to be high for our Interactive Weekend Workshops, but we often get requests for a format that will allow shop owners to attend without having to leave their shops.  VMI fills this need.”

“The launch of VMI supports our on-going commitment to developing innovative training programs to help shop owners better manage their businesses.  People are changing their learning habits, and are more readily using convenient technology-based training options. We are entering a new era of training where people want information that is immediately accessible to them from the comfort of their own offices, “stated Mr. Spitz.  

The VMI online program includes an in-depth Shop Business Analysis that provides you with a visual graph of what you are doing right and what you want to improve; A review of your numbers to help identify your strengths and weaknesses; An on-line Video Inspection of key sales and production areas of your shop; An evaluation of your business by the VMI experts with a strategic plan designed just for you...

For more information regarding VMI, please contact Maddy Smith at