Monday, October 26, 2015

Management Success! Offers New Automotive Shop Management Training Course on Writing Shop Policy

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Glendale, California
October 26, 2015
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Management Success! Offers New Automotive Shop Management Training Course on Writing Shop Policy

Management Success!, the nationwide leader in auto shop management training, has released a new online course, How to Write Shop Policy,  to help auto shop owners cope with the ostensibly daunting task of establishing a workable policy and procedure manual to help guide their businesses.  

“This new online course is the result of many years of working with automotive repair facility owners and managers establishing standard practices and procedures.  We found a real need to provide policy writing training and implementation in just about every shop.  Auto shop owners who have completed this course have given very positive feedback,” stated Robert Spitz of Management Success.  This new course is AMi certified and earns credits toward certification.  

For more information, please contact Robert at, or call (818) 500-9631.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Management Success! Receives Award for Excellence in Advertising

Readex Research recently conducted a survey sponsored by FenderBender magazine studying people’s perceptions of advertisements. The results of the survey revealed what types of advertisements communicate the most effectively to FenderBender readers.

The advertisements for the study were chosen from FenderBender’s August 2015 issue. The respondents were asked to report how they perceived each advertisement. The first method of reporting was to choose one of three categories (attention-getting, believable, or informative) to which they felt the advertisement belonged; the second was to provide their own personal feedback on what message or feeling the advertisement conveyed to them. 

The Management Success! advertisement is directed toward auto shop managers who are having a difficult time effectively managing their employees, thus creating a “black hole,” which pulls their employees’ production down and prevents the shop from becoming highly profitable. The main goal of the advertisement is to encourage the managers to take the Management Success! Black Hole quiz to find out what areas of their management need improvement. 

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