Monday, May 18, 2015

NAPA Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada

From Tuesday, May 5th, to Friday, May 8th, 2015, National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA) invited Management Success! to attend NAPA Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada to deliver talks on truck shop management.

On Wednesday morning, Robert Spitz, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Management Success!, led a discussion with truck shop owners David Saline (2nd-to-None Service), Dave Bloom (Pine Aire Truck Service, Inc.), and Eddie Lawrence (Mobile Transport Repair). With the packed room, Spitz and the three panelists discussed techniques and strategies for marketing a truck shop. The audience learned many useful skills and valuable knowledge that could be implemented once they returned back to their shop. That evening, Spitz and Saline led a second discussion on how to improve the bottom line of a truck shop.

With all the information shared with the audience, Management Success! sparked the interest of many NAPA Expo attendees. Truck shop owners were interested in gaining more knowledge and skills to apply to their shops, improve their own management skills, and take advantage of all the benefits Management Success! has to offer.

During NAPA Expo, attendees also had the opportunity to browse through the booths of other automotive-related companies and vendors to obtain more information on them.

"The Expo was fun, and I got lots of useful information at the discussions. The location was huge, so it was nice to interact with people from all over and see what each booth had to offer. I enjoyed the Management Success! discussions because we got to hear the personal experiences of truck shop owners and the changes they've made in their shops to become successful. Aside from that, spending time in Vegas was an awesome getaway from the daily stress of our lives." – E.M.

For more information on Management Success!, please visit, call (818) 546-5836, or contact Morgan Scott at For more information on NAPA, visit or call (818) 246-1711.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Management Success! Truck TOP 20 Group Meet in Ridgefield, WA

From April 24 to 26, Members of the Management Success! Truck TOP 20 Group, along with invited guests from the Management Success! Automotive TOP 20 Group, gathered at Ultimate Truck Service in Ridgefield, WA to network, discuss best practices, and enjoy three days of comradery.

The event was hosted by shop owners, David and Debbie Jennerjohn, and moderated by Management Success! consultants, Jim Smith and Desirae Smith. 

On Day 1, group members toured Pacific Truck Centers, a local big truck dealership, as well as Accurate Motorwerks, a local general repair shop owned by Automotive TOP 20 Group member, Michael Gallagher.

On Saturday and Sunday, the group spent time sharing advice, exchanging ideas, and discussing problems and solutions related to the daily work of shop owners, especially the unique situations facing truck shop owners.

TOP 20 Group meetings are a great way for shop owners to network and gain new knowledge and skills to apply to their shops. Lynnetta Rogers from 2nd to None Service commented, “I love the networking! We always come away with new ideas.”

Steve Valenta from S&D Truck Service had this to say: “I found it interesting that no matter where on the scale you are, all shops deal with similar issues.” As for strategies addressing these issues, Nicole Ledford from Aaron’s Semi Repair thought the “statistics analysis discussion was informative and very helpful, and the profit and loss discussion assisted in knowing how to adjust and make improvements in managing our money.”

The group had some fun too, with dinner on Friday and Saturday evening and custom coffee drinks from an in-house barista on Saturday morning.

For more information on Management Success! or the Truck TOP 20 Group, please contact Morgan Scott at You can also check out Ultimate Truck Service at their website,