Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pine Aire Truck Service Hosts Management Success! TOP 20 Group in Bay Shore, New York

August 2, 2015
Bay Shore, N.Y.
Photo credit: Pine Aire Truck Service

From July 31 to August 2, truck shops from around the country gathered in Bay Shore, NY for a Management Success! Truck TOP 20 Group meeting, hosted by Dave Bloom at Pine Aire Truck Service. Moderated by Truck TOP 20 Consultant, Desirae Smith, this meeting was held to network, learn more about business systems, discuss issues faced by truck shops, and develop solutions to common concerns. By the end of the three days, the shop owners created a nationwide directory of the TOP 20 Group shops to help promote each other.

The group spent the first day visiting other businesses to observe and learn about their systems. One of the businesses was ABLE Weldbuilt Industries, an equipment and tow truck manufacturer; there, the attendees observed their processes and products. They also visited a Kia dealership to study their flow lines and had the opportunity to spend time with the service manager. They concluded the day with a visit to a local microbrewery and an evening at the beach in the Hamptons.

The following day was spent in-house, where the owners reviewed their knowledge of KPIs. They also discussed different issues that affect their businesses and how to solve these issues. The evening was spent at a local restaurant, Ciao Baby.

During the final day, the group focused on the financial side of business with a profit and loss study, discussing points of profitability, and learning how to improve profits.

Robert Spitz, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Management Success! remarked, “I am always impressed with the level of professionalism and dedication demonstrated by the members of this group, not only to their respective businesses, but to the trucking industry as a whole.”

Desirae Smith, Truck TOP 20 Consultant at Management Success! is thrilled with how the meeting went: “This meeting was our best Truck TOP 20 meeting yet! We covered important topics that were sequitur and popular for the TOP 20 shops. This meeting really was for them. Further, the special camaraderie that already exists within this group was taken to another level due to all the social/group activities and networking. Everyone enjoyed the meeting and took something new back with them to implement at their respective shops. We are looking forward to the next one already.”

One of the most valuable aspects of the TOP 20 meetings is the opportunity to network and learn from other group members. It is a chance to acquire new knowledge and to encourage each other in achieving future goals. In response to this, Evan Lang from E.L.M. Repair and Refrigeration commented, “I always learn from others’ experiences, and it helps my perspective on my and others’ businesses. The meetings are a great time to share our experiences and help ourselves and others.”

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