Monday, January 12, 2015

Management Success! Weekend Workshop

Over 100 automotive professionals from the US and Canada attended management workshops at the Management Success! headquarters in Glendale, CA. Topics on communication, sales, getting compliance to orders, employee management, and financial control were delivered over a five-day period.  
"In this past weekend of workshops, I have learned a lot of new ideas to implement at the shop. I truly enjoyed learning new techniques for the shop such as employee bonus plans. What I found really helpful was how to take control of the phone calls, and that is something I am going to implement starting TOMORROW! The instructors rock! Thank you for teaching us all this great material so that we can succeed at our shop." -O.G.
"In the first two-months on the program, our average repair order increased from $295 per ticket to $492. And with our margins correctly set we made way more money! We’ll make use of today’s new tools to create new bonus plans, set new financial quotas, and plan to increase our percentages and our pay! Thank you to the instructors. You did a great job!"  -R.S.