Thursday, January 22, 2015

Management Success Clients in the News

Unconventional Marketing
Tom Kaiser
Jim Anderson of Iowa’s Anderson Automotive uses unconventional tactics to draw customers.

You’re driving down the road when something catches your eye in the side view mirror. What? No. That couldn’t possibly be...

You blink twice, shake your head and look again—sure enough, that’s an upside down van passing you in the left lane.

Confused and questioning your mental fitness to drive, the van—or whatever it is—approaches with its wheels in the air, and side graphics that ask, “Wanna know why?” Aside from its name, “Belly Up Van,” the only other markers are a QR code and logos for both Facebook and Twitter. 

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Encouraging Young Women into the Industry

Anna Zeck
Shop owner Lynnetta Rogers, one of the founding members of the WE CARE board, discusses the group’s mission.

The tech shortage is no surprise to most of the auto repair industry. With the ongoing shortage of people trained and skilled in auto repair technology, WE CARE was founded by a number of female automotive professionals to raise awareness of the auto repair industry as a viable career path for women, as well as men.

Lynnetta Rogers, owner of 2nd-to-None-Service in Moriarty, N.M., and one of the board’s founding members, recently discussed the goals of the group and how the group plans to tackle the technician shortage.

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