Monday, April 8, 2013

Management Success! April 2013 Management Workshops

A key part of the Management Training & Consulting Program is our workshops. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and the skills to DO IT YOURSELF. We will enable you to run your shop the way you want to, without being dependent on us to help you.

One of our Consultants, Ari Cohen, is teaching business management at the April 2013 Management Basics Workshop.

Wes Severi is teaching a workshop on management by statistics and shop flow, among many other things.

Shop owners sit with each other and do the exercises together so that they can help each other out as well.

The purpose of Management Success is to enhance the quality of life and improve the standard of living of shop owners throughout the automotive repair industry. We do this through our highly effective training, paired with consulting from a team of some of the top management consultants in the country with decades of experience. To view our extensive list of training and consulting services, click on the link below.

MANAGEMENT SUCCESS! Training & Consulting