Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Join us for the Spring 2013 Management Success! BEACH GETAWAY CONVENTION

Management Success! conventions offer an excellent opportunity for networking with other like–minded shop owners, many of whom run some of the top automotive shops in the US and Canada.

Outdoor Activities
Management Success! holds two conventions yearly (one in Los Angeles and the other at an exotic locale). Join in the fun with the many planned outdoor activities, including golfing, sight–seeing, snorkeling, poolside dinners and much more—depending on the Spring or Fall convention you attend.

Exclusive Workshops
Attend exclusive convention workshops tailored for your auto shop and bring home plans on how to get your shop to the next level of expansion.

Special Recognitions
Awards and prizes are regularly awarded to deserving shop owners and staff for achieving new levels of shop expansion. So, give them a hand—you might just be one of those owners called to the stage.

The Masters' Panel
Sit in and talk with the Masters of Shop Management at the Masters' Panel and learn what actions helped them to achieve success.

New Breakthroughs
You won't want to miss the latest news and advancements for shop expansion being released by Management Success!