Thursday, June 25, 2015

Management Success! Launches New Advanced Service Writer School: Taking Sales Skills to the Next Level

On June 17 and 18, 2015, Management Success! launched its new Advanced Service Writer School. Attendees were shop owners and service writers who had already completed Service Writer School and wanted to take the next step to further improve their sales skills.

Advanced Service Writer School takes a more detailed approach to understanding sales by digging into sales fundamentals and the entire sales process. It expands on topics covered in Service Writer School and ingrains all service writing skills for smooth delivery and heightened professionalism. Starting from the moment the customer walks in the door, Advanced Service Writer School teaches step-by-step what to do in order to obtain customers for life and be profitable.

Some topics covered are how to overcome customer fears, understanding different types of customers, and successfully handling challenging situations. Combined with drills, these lessons push students’ service writing skills to a higher level.

The students who attended Advanced Service Writer School were very satisfied and eager to return to work to implement all they learned. Donald Cisco from Webster Tire & Auto Service thought it was an “excellent follow-up to Service Writer School [with] another great supervisor.” Caleb Hancock from Randy’s Auto Care commented, “The drills are where it actually helped me become confident on how to use the information and when to use it. I definitely recommend this class to the other shops who have attended Service Writer School.”

After a successful first run, Management Success! is excited to continue Advanced Service Writer School with many more shop owners attending in the future.

For more information on Management Success! or Advanced Service Writer School, please call (818) 546-5836 or contact Morgan Scott at