Thursday, August 14, 2014

Management Success! Truck 20 Group Meets to Discuss Operational Issues & Best Practices

On August 9 and 10, Dan Klepper and Dennis Poirier, owners of Sawaya Fleet Services, hosted the Management Success! Truck 20 Group at their 17,000 sq. ft. NAPA Truck Center facility in Denver. Top truck shops from around the country gathered to discuss important issues facing truck shop owners, as well as best practices for increasing profit potential. The meeting was moderated by Management Success! Senior Consultant, Jim Smith.

On the first day, the group talked about operational issues, and worked out solutions to some of the most pressing problems members deal with in their shops. Dan and Dennis treated everyone to BBQ, and the group toured their facility, analyzing throughput on both their mechanical and collision divisions. The second day was spent on profit and loss reviews, and sharing best practices. Afterward, Dan said, “It was a pleasure hosting the group at our facility. Anytime you have the chance to meet with likeminded professionals and hammer out important issues that we all deal with, everyone benefits.”

According to David Saline of 2nd-to-None Service, “The best part of an event like this is networking with other shop owners. It’s great to hear different viewpoints and bounce ideas off each other. It’s also very motivating to see what’s possible with a shop by having others look at your numbers and by giving ideas and input on how to improve those numbers. The Truck 20 Group is made up of great shops and great owners that come together to go to the next level. So there’s also an accountability factor - other shop owners point out issues and give recommendations, and now it’s up to you to act. Groups like this will only improve our industry, and there’s really no limit to what shops in this group can accomplish.”

The next Truck 20 Group meeting will take place at the Management Success! convention in Universal City on September 28, 2014. For more information on Management Success! or the Truck 20 Group, please contact Morgan Scott at