Monday, April 14, 2014

Management Success! Spring Convention 2014

Management Success! Teaches Clients How to Stay Profitable and Happy at Spring Convention in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV - April 10, 2014 - From March 28 to 30, Management Success!, the premier auto industry consulting firm, held its Spring Convention at the luxurious Red Rock Casino Resort Spa in Las Vegas. The convention was the largest destination convention in Management Success! history. Entitled “Stable, Profitable & Loving It!,” the Spring Convention focused on reducing auto shop owner stress and increasing overall happiness by teaching clients how to operate a smoothly running shop for the long-term.

Happiness was a recurring theme throughout the convention. In addition to covering basics like how to use pipelines and dashboards to track production, two concurrently occurring workshops taught how to create harmony within management and the employees: Mastering Your Shop by Consultant Ari Cohen, and Owner’s Team Building Boot camp by Consultant Wency Severi. The workshops took place throughout Saturday and Sunday.

“We created these workshops based on common client problems, like how to operate a master shop with a master team and how to overcome employee situations that impair production,” said Robert Spitz, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Management Success!.

The workshops were well-received by clients. Regarding the Owner’s Team Building Boot camp, Kevin Crowell from Crowell Automotive affirmed, “The workshop really brought home the issues we need to confront. It gave us the tools to go home and implement. It gave us a new zeal to continue with Management Success! and try for Master of Shop Management.”

To give attendees a real-life model of effective shop management, Management Success! held a Masters Panel on Saturday, which featured a Q&A panel of shops that hold the prestigious titles of Master of Shop Management or Master Elite of Shop Management. On Sunday, the open Top 20 Meeting allowed all interested shop owners to see how the top shops in the US and Canada manage, from tackling employee issues to marketing.

While classes were the main event, the company found exciting ways to make the most of the convention’s simultaneously glitzy and rugged location.

The Thursday before the convention was a social day that saw clients exploring Red Rock Canyon in a wild dune buggy chase, followed by touring the Hoover Dam and taking a relaxing cruise on Lake Mead. The fun day capped off with a Meet & Greet at the Red Rock Bowling VIP Lanes, where clients, their families, and Management Success! staff got together for an evening of friendly competition.

And in true Las Vegas fashion, the 007 Casino Royale themed dinner on Saturday night was all about rolling the dice - whether it was at roulette, Poker, or Blackjack. When clients weren’t faux gambling, they were dancing or taking photos in the photo booth. Clients dressed up as Bond girls, villains, and of course, James Bond himself.

Several clients had especially good reasons to celebrate, as they had received awards at Friday night’s Awards Dinner. The Awards Dinner recognizes shop owners who have gone above and beyond expectations. Notable awards included Sustained Masters of Shop Management, given to David Saline and Lynnetta Rogers of 2nd-to-None Service; Master of Shop Management, given to Dave Schroeder of Schroeder Sales & Service; Top HOST, given to Shawn and Melissa Maine of Midwest Rod & Restoration; and Effective Shop Manager, given to Peggy Lawless of Professional Fleet Services.

“Dave Schroeder was an inspiration to the entire group. He achieved the honor of Master of Shop Management in just one year,” Spitz said. “He took a very unprofitable business that had been losing money for years and turned it into a thriving shop, and I know Dave is loving it!”

The 2014 Fall Convention will be held in Glendale, California and will concentrate on achieving something many clients desire: Master of Shop Management, one of the highest levels of shop management.

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