Monday, August 5, 2013

The Home Of The Unknown Shop Owner by Mike Lee Management Success!

Mike Lee
Management Success
Unfortunately, there a many unknown shop owners in America.  There are several in your town.  Drive down the business section of town, or the industrial area or even on the main drag at night and you will see shop owners still working on cars. 

Most of the rest of working people in town have been at home.  They got there in time to have dinner with their wife and kids or maybe went out to a restaurant.  So have played baseball with their son or have helped their daughter with her school work.

But the unknown shop owner toils away trying to stay ahead of the bill collectors.  It is not unusual for the unknown shop owner to work 60 to 80 hours a week.  When they get home, their kids are in bed. 

They are tired and don’t have anything left for their families.

Vacation is for other people.  Some unknown shop owners have never taken any time off for their families. 

One of the benefits of working long hours at their shops is it makes them healthy.  Most unknown shop owners almost never get sick.  Of course, this is because they can’t afford to get sick.  So rain or shine, feeling good or not, they head every day for real home, their shops.

Unfortunately, the unknown shop owners have a very high divorce rate.  Women are so picky.  They get married and silly them, they expect you to go home once and a while.  So it usually takes 2 or 3 divorces before the unknown shop owners come up with a solution to this being married problem.  They talk their spouses into coming to work for them.  That way they get to spend all their time together at the their real home the shop.

One of the major attributes of the unknown shop owner is that he is persistent.   He has been working 60 to 80 hours a week for 5 to 15 years and things aren’t getting better, but he keeps on working.  Of course, his spouse begins to think that he is crazy because any sane person would have tried to fix it and do something else.  

Obviously, he is not on the road to success! He is on the road to burn out, depression, divorce, no money, no satisfaction of accomplishment and the worst punishment of all, not being able to spend time with his wife and kids.  You only have one chance to watch your kids grown up.  So who are the unknown shop owners.  They are the shop owners who spend most of their lives at their shops and who are not known by their families and kids.

Management Success!