Monday, March 18, 2013

Organization By Lisa Shomo Management Success!

When I walked into Steve McNamara’s general repair shop in Huntington Beach, CA, I got a sense of order and organization. It is clean, the staff knows what they are doing, no one is frantically searching for parts or paperwork, the manager is clearly in charge and has control of both the front and the back. The staff is very happy and eager to get their job’s done. Steve (pictured right) can leave his shop every night knowing they’ve done a good day’s work. He can return home unburdened with the problems that often happen in an unorganized shop.

Having a bad day at the shop can lead to a miserable night on the home front. Situations such as a problem customer, bad debts, or financial losses can end up bringing everybody in your life outside of work down a few notches.

If a husband and wife work together in the business, they’re likely taking their arguments to the dinner table, sharing the stress with the rest of the family or hashing it out in front of the customers.

Or are you a shop owner who gets home late in the evening, doesn’t get to sit in the bleachers for his kid’s game, or is just plain tired all the time?

Perhaps your thoughts are constantly back at the shop—thinking about all the things that you left undone, or need to do when you open up the next morning.

There is relief for the stressed-out, tired, overworked shop owner—organization.

Organization for your shop means owning a shop that is well-run and profitable. A shop that is completely organized will continue to stay organized the next day, and the day after that. Worry will never follow you home from the shop. Your family and home life stay happy; your shop stays organized and profitable.

Getting organized can require some motivation. Here’s an example. Years ago, you asked that special person out on a date. And they said yes! Before the date, you washed the car, pressed your favorite shirt or bought a new one, found out what food they liked and made reservations at the best restaurant and left early enough to pick them up on time. You planned it out and organized enough of the details so the night would go perfectly.

In your shop, suppose you have an investor or important financial source coming in for a visit. You might get your shop super clean and tidy with everything put away in its place. You would also ensure your staff looks presentable with new uniform shirts and everyone has their best foot forward.

Organized businesses are valuable and worth more money. It’s true in lots of little ways. A crisp operation inspires trust and respect. Customers always notice when a shop is running efficiently. When everything is designed to flow smoothly, work becomes easier, things get done quicker and you have more free time. This can spill over into your home life. Money spills over too! Having a truckload of cash doesn’t necessarily make a happy home, but it can sure help. A well-managed, tightly organized shop makes a lot more money than one that is not. You can bank on that.